History – And Future:

Aqua-Auger is a Florida Corporation with headquarters in Juno Beach, and sales offices in New Jersey and New Zealand. Aqua-Auger has expertise in design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales, and specializes in unique green energy products.

Aqua-Auger seeks to develop a ‘first-of-its-kind’, cost effective, marine-friendly power generation system. While there have been many hydrokinetic technologies introduced, we believe no other company has addressed practical environmental and cost constraints head-on.

Our vision is to be a provider of safe, reliable, scalable, clean, and affordable renewable energy – world wide – from tidal and river currents.

Recognizing the available energy of moving water, Aqua-Auger company leaders began evaluating existing hydrokinetic systems. Our research led us to two major observations: (1) The majority of hydrokinetic projects were large scale, seeking to create large power generation systems (> 1 MW), which cost millions of dollars; and (2) Many of these devices had a negative effect on marine life. We recognized an opportunity. Our goal was to develop a small-scale product requiring a small fraction of the competition’s initial cost, and make it environmentally friendly. The Aqua-Auger design was born.

Aqua-Auger has now developed a novel, environmentally friendly device that converts the energy of moving water into electricity. The team has taken this patented concept – the Aqua-Auger – from a prototype to a working model. Over the past five years our team has worked hard to bring it to reality. Our successful feasibility study at the Ohmsett Naval Test Facility in the summer of 2009, and the actual water testing in 2012, gave us the technical confidence that this ingenious machine would find global success and prove the concept “real.” Harnessing the power of truly predictable flowing water may be one of the most exciting projects we have ever worked on.

Our management team has a proven track record to launch and run profitable businesses in diverse markets. The incubator for product development is Smart Product Innovations (SPI), a Florida Corporation established to fund product development. Our guiding principles are to develop products people love, while maintaining a low overhead, and to invest in intellectual property while providing a high return for our owners and investors. Smart Vent Products, Inc. [www.smartvent.com] sells foundation flood vents through 560 dealers throughout the United States, and for the past twelve years has been the leader in passive flood protection products. This product line is manufactured in the United States, and yields high profit margins.

Our expertise in development, sales, marketing, and a general tenacity to get people excited has created an environment where SPI is inundated with new opportunities.