Since forming ECO-Auger® New Zealand in February, 2010, the company has explored various opportunities available to us, including NZ manufacturing and engineering (Galloway Rotational Molding, Mace Engineering and North Coast Boat Builders), Grants (Tech NZ), as well as deployment sites (Narrows at Rawene, Owhata Inlet, Parengarenga Harbor).

Along with business and governmental encouragement, important enthusiastic support has been received from the native New Zealanders known as Maori. The Maori Settlement Trusts are participants in the business and political culture of New Zealand.  Many are well funded and organized, and utilize their financial strength in investments particularly aimed at New Zealand’s Maori heritage and its secure future. The Maori leaders have formally invited ECO-Auger NZ to bring the ECO-Auger to their waters for testing. Maori support is critical when considering using the ECO-Auger technology in locations known to be culturally and environmentally important to the Maori. Many discussions, presentations and demonstrations between the Maori and ECO-Auger NZ have resulted in widespread Maori support. Due to the marine-friendly, non-invasive qualities of the ECO-Auger, deployment in these pristine environs has been determined to be a reasonably safe consideration by NZ environmentalists and Maori alike.

The encouragement from all involved in ECO-Auger NZ has been enormous. With a team composed of Maori, Kiwi (European New Zealander, ”pahkea”) and Americans, our combined technical, environmental and cultural experience aids greatly in our recent progress in New Zealand and the rest of the world.  We are pleased to partner with the New Zealand community in introducing this exciting renewable resource to the world.

Additionally, Smart Product Innovations developed Clean Cut International [], a unique touch-less paper towel dispenser for kitchens. This product is manufactured in China through an alliance with our Japanese partner.