Deploys near the water’s surface –
easy to install, easy to service

Deployment Vessel

Until now, most hydrokinetic turbines were anchored to the bottom of rivers or tidal basins, requiring intensive labor and hardware – including scuba divers and underwater construction- for both installation and maintenance. The ECO-Auger eliminates the need for such intensive operations.

Floating near the water’s surface, the ECO-Auger can be accessed easily for cleaning or service. Its support products include the ECO-Waka, a pontoon boat for deploying and anchoring the ECO-Auger, and the patented Deployment Swing System (DSS), a device to raise and lower the ECO-Auger.

This integrated system allows for routine access to the ECO-Auger, making it a technologically and economically viable solution for modest operators at locations across the globe.

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