Aqua-Auger is the first viable product to deliver the promise of affordable
water power – anywhere!

The future belongs to clean energy, and hydro power is the most efficient renewable energy of all. But most hydrokinetic systems are massive projects of huge expense, taking years to permit and install. Until now, even small systems cost millions.

The award-winning ECO-Auger is the first inexpensive, easily-installed product to harness energy from all forms of moving water. Its small size and surface-mount design allows it to be installed almost anywhere there is flowing water, providing a ready alternative to the highly-polluting diesel generators that are typically used to produce electricity in remote locations. Because ECO-Auger gets its power from rivers or flowing tidal areas, it generates energy far more efficiently and consistently than solar or wind systems, offering more energy to more people, at an affordable cost.

ECO-Auger’s small size and simple design allow for a variety of installation options, with minimal impact to shipping lanes. Floating near the surface, ECO-Auger can be lifted from the water without the need for underwater divers – providing for easy maintenance. And its blade-less design will not harm marine life.

Historically, people without reliable power migrate to flowing water, and ECO-Auger is poised to offer enormous value to many such regions. See why this makes ECO-Auger a fantastic investment.

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