Aqua-Auger Product

The Aqua-Auger is a micro hydrokinetic energy converter, which generates renewable electric energy from moving water in rivers and tidal ocean inlets. Aqua-Auger’s unique design – which incorporates a tapered, double helical, flanged auger, coupled with hydraulic circuits – captures energy from river currents, tidal flows, and outflows from existing dams. The Aqua-Auger is environmentally friendly, and allows fish and other marine life to pass through unhurt. It also generates its electricity above water, leaving whales and sonar systems unaffected, and is designed to operate in all water environments. Support products include the ECO-Waka, a pontoon boat for deploying and anchoring the Aqua-Auger, and the Deployment Swing System (DSS), a device to raise and lower the Aqua-Auger for cleaning and maintenance.

The Aqua-Auger is driven by moving water, which forces the device to rotate. This rotation is directly coupled to a high-pressure hydraulic pump located in the device’s nose cone (See below). The nose cone, which is tethered to bridges or anchored in moving water, stabilizes the torque generated from the rotation and transfers it to the hydraulic pump. The pump supplies variable volumes of environmentally-safe fluid, at set controlled high pressure, regardless of the direction or speed of rotations. This pressure feeds an oil-driven electric generator that delivers constant electrical current through a VRS (Voltage Regulation System).

Constant power generation is achieved through the Aqua-Auger’s unique hydraulic pump. As the Aqua-Auger rotates, the high-pressure oil flows through check valves that are connected directly in line to the oil motor driving the electric generator.