Key Benefits

The Aqua-Auger costs approximately one tenth that of most hydro-based systems, allowing for a return on investment in as little as nine months.

Aqua-Auger’s relatively small size makes it a viable option for thousands of locations around the world, where the generation of electricity is currently not feasible, or is achieved with highly-polluting diesel generators. This small footprint also allows for easy placement of the Aqua-Auger, at bridges, existing dams, and in waters just one third the depth required by other water-based systems. The Aqua-Auger is designed to operate in all water environments.

ECO-Auger-on-WakaBecause Aqua-Auger is deployed at the water’s surface – not anchored to the bottom – its servicing is easy and inexpensive. The system includes a special pontoon boat and hoisting mechanism, which provides straightforward access for any cleaning or maintenance.

The Aqua-Auger is environmentally friendly: Its special lubricating oils are biodegradable, and its bladeless design, with tapered helical leads on each end rather than sharp edges, means it will not impact marine life. Its unique hydraulic transfer system keeps Aqua-Auger’s electrical parts above the surface, allowing it to generate its electricity out of the water, leaving whales and sonar systems unaffected. 

The Aqua-Auger’s hydraulic accumulator storage system assures constant energy output and evens out the normal tidal cyclic variations, and its bi-directional design allows it to generate power from water currents in either direction, making it especially efficient.