Update June 26, 2014

ECO-Auger Oregon continues to make progress in our effort to secure a deployment site at Cascade Locks for the purpose of data collection as well as determining the effects of constant submersion and movement to the overall performance of ECO-Auger.

Today, a meeting was held at Cascade Locks to discuss their long term goals for renewable energy installations within the Columbia River Gorge, a natural scenic area that spans roughly 40 miles of the Columbia River. The idea may involve the use of ECO-Augers as a contributing source of energy for several companies that are interested in setting up in the area. Two of the companies that are interested in developing operations are Bear Mountain ( Wood Pellets for heating stoves.) and Nestle (water bottling facility).

Earlier this week a meeting was held with Native American representatives from the Umitilla Tribe that have treaty rights to fish along the banks of the lock. Additional attendees were from the Dept. of Fish and Game. The overall result was very positive, with Native representatives unanimously agreeing that the proposed test site was a reasonable area to deploy and have asked for us to possibly postpone our original July deployment to accommodate their fishing rights. We have learned that the fishing season will run through September and that we may deploy in October. An attorney has been retained by the Tribe to draft a document for us all to review and sign that will ensure the fish/fishing will not be impacted or harmed by our testing in the area.

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